What is this?

This in beta testing, there may be some issues! If your transaction fails to broadcast or confirm, don't worry it will be rebroadcasted manually. Sorry if you experience problems.

Blockchains are forever, that means any data written to them can never be modified or deleted. You can also store messages in the blockchain, but doing so was complicated, until now! Once posted you can view your message here or on any block explorer (link provided). Write to the Bitcoin blockchain for {{fees.bitcoin*1e8}} Satoshis or the Bitcoin Testnet for {{fees.bitcoinTestnet*1e8}} {{fees.bitcoinTestnet*1e8 == 1 ? "Satoshi" : "Satoshis"}}. Payable on the Lightning Network or with regular Bitcoin!

Still confused? Here are some helpful videos to bring you up to speed.

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